Project Approval and Initiation

"How about making a mobile game with all about beautiful girls?" With such a idea, the AOF project was officially established.


Basic Gameplay

As a relaxed casual game, it allows all players quickly get started. We have adopted the main gameplay of hanging and cultivating.


Demo Version

We have implemented the most basic logic and play rules of the game, and will further develop more gameplay on this basis.


More Features

After nearly half a year of hard work by the whole develop team, we have added many events and gameplay to AOF. We believe that the game will be ready to meet with you players next year.

The story will begin in an Aerial World, where there is an ultra-modern civilization, and there are various gods and demons and other characters that exist only in legends. Of course, all of them will appear as women!

We have designed more than ten beautiful female characters with the goal of "maximizing the charm of women". Look forward to seeing the react when you meet them!

"Hero" or "Warrior"? Neither. They are called Senki, which comes from the Japanese pronunciation of "戦姫", meaning the fighting girl.

The collision of good and evil; the collision of human and demons. As a commander, you will fight alongside Senki!

You can control all kinds of Senki

There are many different styles of Senki waiting for you to call, and you can display them in the game home page, Lbeautiful dynamic drawing in a glance, click and interactive feedback oh.

You can set your Senki as the background character on the main page. Every time when you enter the game, you can see your favorite Senki and interact with her by clicking.

You can match your Senki with Gear, Weapon and Resonating Stone. Also, Senki will get a huge boost after upgrading and awakening.

You can choose 5 Senki in each battle. Some of the battles are played in solo mode, so it's always best to develop your team in a balanced way!

Hang up income leisure cultivation

When you become the commander of that moment, hang up the system has been started, continuous collection of resources, a key to get can easily develop your senki, really sleep can become stronger!

By hanging mechanism, you can get Gold, EXP Book, Breakthrough Stone and other major resources for cultivating. The amount of resources per unit of time will increase as level up.

There is also a limit to the amount of resources accumulated by hanging. If you don't log in to the game all the time to collect them, you will lose a lot of resources.

There are also many other ways to increase the maximum amount of resources accumulated by hanging. In general, we do not need you players to enter the game at regular intervals every day like going to work.